Why you should (not) be the best version of yourself?

There’s no living man that hasn’t craved for improvement, that hasn’t at least tried to be a bit better today than yesterday. Even beside that wish, a bunch of books, video materials, various gurus, everything often begins before it starts, or even worse, everything ends with that wish.

If you’re unhappy – 4 simple steps for reaching happiness

How many times have you seen a post in some of the social media that goes: ‘I HATE MONDAYS!’? Or perhaps some other, similar post, saying how life is difficult? Live is difficult? REALLY?!

What if it fails?

A couple of years ago, I took part in a coaching workshop named ’A photo album’, in which we had a task to create our own old photo album and imagine that our grandchildren would find it one day in our dusty basement.

What thing is THE Thing?

After I’ve written my previous blog, ’What if it fails?’, I have received a lot of emails in which people asked me how I came to realize what I wanted to do, what made me make such a decision, what I believed in on that road and many other questions. My answer is very simple,

Do the opposites attract or do bird of the feather flock together?

While I was scanning through the headlines in one famous Internet magazine, one of them caught my eye. The article title was: ‘Do you want reliable business or a life partner? Look for the opposite of what you are!’

Re-read your own lessons

In NLP meta-programs are in charge of the way we understand information. They help us to form an internal presentation of the outside world and direct our behavior. They help us to understand ourselves better and others as well. Understanding them helps us to change our beliefs and behavior that doesn’t help us reach our

How I’ve come to know the excellence

A couple of weeks ago I’ve met Jelena, a girl that runs her own Pilates center in Belgrade. I have asked her how she was dealing with the situation in our country and growing indigence that was taking over, especially since entire world has fallen into a financial crisis. She has responded to me by

Brainstorming – a method we’ve come to hate

Wednesday, 9am. You are coming to work and checking your inbox. You’ve got an email from your boss: ’We have a brainstorming session on Friday. I want all of you to come up with 5 brand new ideas.’