E-learning Platform

Participants of NLP training in NLP Center will, in addition to training, exercises and constant support provided by coaches during the training and between modules, have the ability to use e-learning platform to integrate knowledge and thus daily work on mastering and application of learned material.


E-learning platform developed by the NLP Center team gives partcipants the opportunity to:

  • Provide feedback on the content and execution of training,
  • Review learned materials through interactive tasks and exercises for integration,
  • Watch videos of the recorded demonstrations of NLP techniques,
  • Listen to the answers of the certification questions and
  • Have access to additional materials for learning and integration.

In addition to computer, all users of the NLP Center e-learning platform have the option of accessing materials via Android / iOS apps, which makes this platform available to users at any time.


Past experiences show that the combination of trainings and exercises with online support is a great way for participants to effectivly integrate knowledge and improve skills. Our task is to continue to innovate and improve our programs in the future, while your task is only to apply all the knowledge acquired.