If you’re unhappy – 4 simple steps for reaching happiness

How many times have you seen a post in some of the social media that goes: ‘I HATE MONDAYS!’? Or perhaps some other, similar post, saying how life is difficult?

Live is difficult? REALLY?!

People who are completely fulfilled and happy have achieved that because they settled for nothing less than that. They worked hard and sacrificed everything until they have finally reached that level of happiness they have been craving for.

Bottom line, it all comes down to deciding what you want, making a plan how to achieve it and then work hard, until you reach that certain goal.

Does it sound too simple?


People spend months, years, even a lifetime perhaps, complaining about the circumstances, bad fortune, situation in their countries…Everyone else is to be blamed and that’s why they can’t achieve what they want. When you have a serious talk with them and go deeper into what they want, you come to realize they have no clear goal, neither have they tried to achieve anything. They’re just… complaining.

If you’re unhappy, you currently have two options: You can complain and hope that things will turn around magically, or you can activate yourself and initiate the change.


If you’re interested in the other option, I offer you four simple steps through which you can reach happiness. If you’re unhappy, you owe to yourself to make a change – life is too short to keep putting that on a delay.

Step number 1: Discover what exactly makes you unhappy

There’s plenty of reasons that could make you unhappy – you could be doing a job you hate, working with people that don’t suit you, you may be working on something not challenging enough to you.
It’s possible that the reason why you’re unhappy isn’t related to work at all: you may be in a dysfunctional relationship, maybe you’re arguing with your partner too often, or you have no partner at all.
There are million reasons that could be taken into consideration and it’s on you to discover what it is exactly.Whatever it is, just be aware of the fact that you can’t reach true happiness without previously identifying the problem.

Step number 2: Change your attitude

The first thing brought up in the text was how people think life is difficult and how they constantly keep looking for excuses in order to provide proof for their theory. It’s exactly that attitude that determines what direction you will go in.

If you keep filling your head with negative scenarios only, what could you possibly expect to happen?

Negative thoughts only bring negativity and misfortune, while positive things attract happiness.
Having this in mind, it’s indisputable that we are the ones responsible for our own happiness. The only way for you to be happy is to change your attitude and come to realize that everything is under your control, that you are more than capable to turn the things around.

Step number 3: Plan to achieve hapiness

Once you get to know what it is that makes you unhappy and when you arm yourself with a positive attitude, you can start with making a plan for achieving happiness. This is where many people hit mental barrier and they become overwhelmed with doubts.

‘I will never find a better job.’
‘I will never find a new girlfriend / boyfriend.’
‘I am too old to start my own business.’

Excuses are only made to justify misery. If you are serious about your intention to be happy, you have got to resist the doubt and dedicate yourself to making a plan to be happy. Decide what the ultimate goal is. After that, imagine that you have already achieved that and allow yourself to discover how being there actually feels. Finally, start going backwards and think about what is necessary for you to reach that goal. That way, you will discover concrete action steps.

Step number 4: Take necessary action and don’t look back

Once you have a clearly defined goal, it’s time for you to start going forwards and never look back. You need to be very cautious here and avoid falling into the trap. Taking necessary steps doesn’t guarantee results – your journey towards happiness will be filled with mistakes, rejections and disappointments. However, if you don’t take necessary action, there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed – your situation will never change and you will stay miserable.

Do yourself a favor. Initiate a change.

Dušan Srdić
Doctor of Dentistry and Happiness Coach