Influence – Strategies and Practice

Like it or not, influence takes place in every type of communication, sometimes consciously but rather unconsciously. Whether it’s conscious or unconscious influence we still carry significant part of responsibility for the outcome of communication, at least as much as the person that we are talking to. If we want to increase our chances for success it is useful to understand the mechanisms of creating influence and enhance the skill of persuasive communication.

Introduction to “Influence – Strategies and Practice”

If you are a manager, it’s up to you to motivate your team members do their job in the best possible way. If you are a teacher, it is your task to inspire students to study and do their homework. When you are in the roll of a parent, it is your responsibility to influence your kids not to do some things, as well as to motivate them to do some other things differently.

About the training

„Influence – Strategies and Practice“ is a program that will enable you to enhance efficient communication models and learn how to reach agreement with various people. Program can be conducted both as a three-hour workshop and a two-day training.

Topics featured in this training are:
  • Communication model of NLP
  • Interpretation – the root of all misunderstandings
  • Reaching agreement
  • Overcoming complaints in sales situation
  • Overcoming complex complaints
  • Using negative constructions in order to strengthen the influence
  • Redirecting attention
  • Taking a conversation to the desired outcome
This training will enable you to:
  • Better understand reactions of the people you are talking to
  • Learn how to overcome complaints in various situations
  • Learn how to avoid interpretation traps

Remark: The workshop ’Influence – Strategies and Practice’ features part of the training that is related to overcoming complaints and objections in communication. The workshop lasts for three hours.