NLP Fields of Application

It’s a bit thankless to reduce application of NLP on specific areas, but there are few of those where NLP has been implemented and has consistently shown strong positive results. At the very beginning, NLP was developed as a model whose basic application was in psychotherapy. Over time, the area of use expanded to sports, education, business and personal development.

A large number of participants applies for our NLP training because they want to improve their business skills (sales, negotiation, presentation skills, etc.). However, during the training absolute majority finds that NLP is a tool that helps people to learn how to establish a better relationship with their partner, how to overcome everyday stressful situations, how to better understand their children and generally how to be a better version of themselves, how to upgrade themselves to version 2.0.

As a communication model, NLP is applicable in all areas of life. It helps people recognize their own goal in different situations and set a strategy for its achievement.

As a model of personal development NLP helps us recognize that we can maintain the continuous development and progress. No one is the best possible version of themselves, so there’s always room for a small step forward. NLP doesn’t make us perfect, but it can help us go one step further compared to where we were yesterday.

1NLP has excellent results in the development of public speaking skills, relationship management, conflict management and communication skills in the broadest sense (sales, negotiation …). NLP can encourage development of creativity and can be of great use in strategic planning,  and determination of mission, vision and values of the organization. NLP can help employees to quickly and efficiently adapt to different types of changes that today’s business world is exposed to daily.

2As a personal development we consider improvement in all areas of life that do not belong to the business and professional life. These include family and friend relations, romantic relationships, personal interests, life balance and the like. NLP helps us to improve self-esteem, assertiveness and flexibility. It is very useful in establishing better partner and family relationships. Perhaps the most important area of application is learning how to set up and realize goals and recognizing the truly important things in our lives.

3NLP approach in education is not only innovative, but has surpassed the results of several traditional methodologies when it comes to education and training. The focus of NLP in this area is on solving various problems in learning, building strategies for effective learning, enhanced creativity, conflict resolution inside the classroom etc.

4NLP was originally developed as a therapeutic method that has led to significant practical changes in the therapeutic strategies. There are well known NLP techniques that deal with eliminating phobias, posttraumatic stress, internal conflict, depression and many other disorders. NLP has a very effective strategy to control stress, and thus to maintain the good health of the body.

5Application of NLP in sport is not negligible. There are many examples of excellent sports results thanks to NLP techniques. What NLP helps athletes achieve is a clear and strong focus, clear vision, strong motivation and good concentration, thus achieving a condition that is a prerequisite for high performance in sports.