NLP Practitioner Participant Testimonials

Maja Stančetić

People often ask me what NLP is and what it is used for. They also say that they notice I am in a better mood, that I smile more often and how they enjoy my company. They also say that they would like to be better and more successful themselves. I say to them that NLP is exactly what they’re looking for. To me, NLP is a great support on the road towards success, whether it is professional or private.


Iva Vlaović

Where should I start from? For three years I couldn’t make myself finish and submit my graduation paper and complete my studies, only to end up having a diploma in my hands no longer than three months after completing my NLP course. Thanks to NLP, I became aware of why it is so important to me and how that diploma isn’t my final goal, but it is one of the milestones on my way to achieving some greater goals. And it is on that road towards bigger goals where NLP techniques help me on a daily basis, in order for me to overcome my limiting beliefs and personal obstacles, such as fear of public performance/interview, fear of writing, etc.

A wisely-set goal and action steps have led me further, to a tropical island where I have spent 4 to 5 months on internship. The experience I could have only dreamed of before. How liberating it is when we realize that we possess all the resources within ourselves and that we can truly achieve anything we want. However, in order for us to realize that, for starters we need to get out of the comfort zone because that exact step brings answers to many of our questions.

Thanks to NLP, I have restored my self-confidence and belief in my abilities, and goal setting is now a game I play every day. My story continues to unfold and I believe that it is time for you to start writing your own.


Olja Miškić

I’ve been in marketing for 11 years now and NLP helped me to brush up and shape the skills necessary for communication. Due to the fact that communication is one of the essential things in our lives, I use the knowledge gained through NLP in communication with kids as well, which discovers a brand new world to me, and I also use it in communication with myself. A lot of people has no clue what to do with their lives and they are not the ones pulling the strings in their lives, and that’s where NLP is of great help. To me, it was very helpful to gain this knowledge, in order to discover in what direction I want my life to continue and I believe that it could be of great help to anyone.


Dušan Šorak

NLP has helped me communicate well with the people around me with whom it has previously been impossible to, and it helped me make it a communication I really enjoy. In this communication I no longer have to worry whether my words will be taken the wrong way, and I’m calm because I know that my message is understood properly. Before this experience, I thought that the goals were far away and the means to achieve them far somewhere along the way. And I had a feeling that I was completely right.

Although I like to always be right, this time I wasn´t and I was glad because of that. NLP has helped me realize that goals are much closer than we can imagine, and what surprised me the most was realizing that the resources are not somewhere along the road a long way towards this goal, but that the resources have always been inside us, at our “fingertips”.

Thanks to NLP, I´ve been seeing different me in the mirror ever since.


Aleksandar Gajić

NLP Practitioner is a fantastic experience, for entire life and every single life situation. Dedication of the trainers, constant optimism, and great atmosphere – it’s all very inspiring.


Nikola Bošković

I have been reading about this matter recently, and I had a chance to talk to Marina Delić, who have completed NLP Practitioner in NLP Center. Then I registered for a promotional workshop that took place on 24th of June 2014. and registered for the training afterwards. The key was in the fact that I was ready to change myself and achieve personal development, and through reading about NLP, I realized this was one of the ways for me to start some serious work on self-improvement.

The big change in my behavior is that I have started being much calmer while thinking through the events around me, and I would be able to quickly calm down and continue functioning normally even when some emotional reaction would occur. I have become more patient both in personal and professional context, and I have also started to listen do others more, regardless of whom I would talk to. I have become more flexible.

Although many of the things I have learned during the training are significant, I would point out that the most useful to me was adopting 10 NLP principles, since I became much more patient, and now I always count to 10.

It’s particularly interesting to me to notice how comfortable I feel in my skin. I would recommend NLP training because NLP can be applied in wide range of activities and situations, both for personal and professional development. Going through this training, you set a solid foundation on which you can build up many things.

Bottom line, I would like to add that attending NLP practitioner training was one of my best decisions and best investments in myself.


Lidija Vlašić

This really works! NLP Practitioner Training was a real pleasure. Very valuable, lifetime worth training. Life-changing, improving life in all directions! Great trainers and assistants who always provide support.


Milan Tukić

Peđa Jovanović made me interested in NLP in one presentation in 2009. Already then I have, in fact, made my decision to attend NLP Practitioner training, but only in 2014 it became possible for me to do it.

During the training, I have discovered my eagerness for self-improvement despite stepping into the sixth decade. My inner dialogue is much different and it happens more often. My list of dreams seems to be be more real than ever before, my image of life is wider, with many details and pixels. All of my actions are much more determined and taken with a lot more faith than before.

The most significant thing I have learned is definitely what represents the pillars of NLP: better focus on the goal, awakening your senses and flexibility no matter what.

The training completely fulfilled my expectations, it’s all up to me now. I am not even aware of the effect completely, but I believe and I am sure that positive changes are about to happen.

In the end, I would like to recommend NLP Practitioner training to everyone because it’s an investment that definitely pays off.


Suzana Josić

NLP Practitioner Training completely fulfilled my expectations. Everything I learned and applied had results. Trainers and assistants were always willing to help. Everything is well explained and fully applicable.


Nina Marković

NLP Practitioner training provides great results only when we truly now what it is that we want to change about ourselves, what represents a limiting factor in our progress. When we become aware of what damages our quality of life in everyday communication with people, whether in private or business context, and when we direct all of our attention into that direction – good result is guaranteed. People close to me say that I have changed, not by 100% but by 300%! All of this shows how much this training has influenced me positively.

The whole training was fantastic and with great atmosphere. What has left the strongest impression on me was most certainly the Fifth Module and sub-modalities, when I managed to pack my fear of public performance into a small black-and-white photograph, then packed that photograph into a red frame with white dots and hanged it on the wall. That event now presents my past that is not significant to me anymore. In addition to that goes the fact that I talked on a stage in front of a bunch of people, as well as a public presentation of our works that I was able to present with no preparation and no reminders.

I would like to say to all the future participants in the training to actively participate in trainings and contribute with their personal experiences, to make sure to go through techniques with trainers, get out of their comfort zone during the modules and set themselves free from any possible prejudice.

If you sharpen your senses, miracles are about to happen. I am a living proof of that.


Milan Ankić

Entire NLP Practitioner training is well organized. Everything you learn is applicable in practice. The theoretical and practical parts are well connected. Lecturers are clear, professional and know how to hold attention.


Đorđe Zindović

I have found out about the NLP Practitoiner training through a newsletter of NLP Center. In April 2014 I went to a promotional workshop, conducted by Peđa Jovanović. The workshop has left a strong impression on me and when I received a discount offer in August in the case of the early payment, I decided to take it.

During the training, I have come to discover that I am a person that functions primarily on the level of environment and behavior, that I am a visual type and I have changed my understanding of the goal: The goal is a standing lighthouse on the horizon and it doesn’t move, but the way to reach it can be constantly changed.

My opinion is that NLP Practitioner, organized by NLP Center, is a great investment in personal development. Team of trainers’ in NLP Center is well prepared, experienced and able to transfer knowledge in a very simple way. Modules are designed for you to adopt the knowledge over the course of training, immediately, through many practical examples. Beside the scripts, e-learning platform is available as well, with high quality materials and exercises for further integration of knowledge.

By now, the biggest impression on me has been on the neurological levels and goals, which I was able to become aware of and set them properly this time, and I consider that the real effects of this training are yet to discover themselves in the future.


Nikola Gurujičić

After completing of a large number of similar training, I have the right to admit to myself and others that with the help of NLP Practitioner training I have found myself and my friends, sharpened my senses and felt that I truly exist. I especially liked the practical excercises, good trainers and assistants and a well-organized teamwork.