NLP – Young entrepreneur’s success story

You are not sure what you really want? Where is your job going? How to achieve certain business goals?

NLP can give you answers to all these questions.

One of the participants of NLP Practitioner training shared his experience with us.

“NLP is like a ghost from the lamp which comes out when you rub it and makes your wish come true like a gold fish“. NLP is like a tool of artisans – the more effort you invest when working on it, your mastery of the tool will be better”.

As an entrepreneur on the very beginning of his career every decision was a key decision for me. NLP was of great help in that position. Knowledge about what NLP is, what it is for, how it is used was of a great importance for me. When in charge at a workplace, you need set of various skills, especially when you enter the “cruel” business world as a very young person. Communication, smart decision making, people management and self-management are something that is necessary for independent businessman. These are the areas in which NLP had an especially strong impact on me.

In the beginning I had issue with communication – how to say something to client so he decides to take my product or delegate a task to employee so he does what I want him to. During NLP training I learnt what to say, how to say it, when and whom to say it to, how to sell something using words and how to be sure that my employee will understand his working task and do it according to our agreement.

Emotions, which is said are not to be desirable in business are in my opinion very important. Emotions can be of great value in business, especially if you know how to control and handle them for your own sake. When you acquire that skill you star enjoying every moment. Emotions are not an obstacle when you receive praise, or even a critic. You are free to share your satisfaction with a client, and on the other side understand his anger.

The greatest discovery of whole process are the goals! Goals give everything real meaning, goals are your lighthouse. My problem was having a goal without defined road to achieve it. That road that I needed so much began to build with the first moment of getting to know NLP. With NLP I got a possibility to choose real road to goal and to eliminate those that weren’t functioning. Besides that, very significant was the fact that I also created an image that covered my entire life-goal.

With the help of NLP, with clear goal, my emotion settled, clear communication, I sail on a business sea in the storm, tempest and peaceful weather and enjoy every moment NLP has discovered for me.

Milan Trbojević
Knjiški moljac