One more “Fellow Member Trainer” in our NLP team

It is our great pleasure to inform you that one more member of our NLP team, Sandra Savanovic Stevanovic, became “Fellow Member Trainer” in the International Association for NLP – leading NLP association in the world. This membership gives her the possibility to certify NLP trainers by the IANLP’s standards .


Sandra Savanović Stevanović is a certified NLP trainer. She received her formal education in economy. For the past 10 years she’s been working as a business skills trainer and consultant for local economic development. She has many training certificates, the most important among which are international trainer and coach by CEFE methodology, senior trainer at ProNet and certified trainer of Persona Global. In the field of training, she developed over 20 training programs, and wrote and edited a number of manuals in the field of enterprise development. Annually, she holds around 1000 hours of training in the country and Southeast Europe. In the consulting field, she has worked with over 500 companies and 2000 entrepreneurs in the country and the region at various programs for training , support and development.