Why Should You Take Part in NLP Trainer Training

Some of the reasons why the NLP Center is the right place to become NLP Trainer are:

Because NLP training for trainers is probably the most complete training for trainers that you can find. During the 18 days of training you will develop your trainer skills so that immediately upon completion of the training you can start working as a trainer.

Because our training is accredited by the two international NLP associations (IN-NLP and IANLP).

Because in our training you have the opportunity to work with mentors and use the latest technology (PPL – Professional Presentation Live) to further perfect your skills. The PPL program combines virtual reality simulation, bio-feedback, video recordings of the presenters and creation of the reports with key areas for improvement.

Because our training is run by NLP Master Trainers that have international experience and are presently holding training sessions around the world.