Our team

Pedja-JovanovicPredrag Jovanović Predrag Jovanović is a senior partner at Atria Group. His role in the company is international business development. In addition, he is a mentor, trainer and coach with extensive international experience. As a trainer and coach Peđa works with companies and individuals around the world (Serbia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany, Poland, India, Singapore, Brazil, Qatar, Austria, Bulgaria etc.). His areas of expertise are: coaching, NLP, leadership development, effective communication, sales and presentation skills. He has had the opportunity to lead several large projects in the area of leadership development and change in corporate culture, as well as number of different training and coaching programs. So far he has more than 1.000 days of training and more than 2.000 hours of coaching. Before he became a professional trainer and coach, Predrag had spent ten years in various sales positions. He worked as a sales representative of US-based “Arrow Electronics” for Serbia and Montenegro, sales engineer for company “Vita Elko” and regional sales manager in the Japanese company “Omron Electronics” for South East Europe. Predrag graduated electrical engineering at the Department of Physical Electronics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The structure, resistance and flexibility are the most important characteristics of his work. Some of his titles are: NLP Master Trainer (IN NLP), NLP Fellow Member Trainer (IANLP), Master Coach Trainer (ICI), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – ICF (International Coach Federation) (since 2010), ICF Mentor Coach, PCM Certified Trainer, Persona Global Master Consultant.


Sandra Savanović Stevanović is a certified NLP Master Trainer and Fellow Member Trainer IANLP. She received her formal education in economy. For the past 10 years she’s been working as a business skills trainer and consultant for local economic development. She has many training certificates, the most important among which are international trainer and coach by CEFE methodology, senior trainer at ProNet and certified trainer of Persona Global. In the field of training, she developed over 20 training programs, and wrote and edited a number of manuals in the field of enterprise development. Annually, she holds around 1000 hours of training in the country and Southeast Europe. In the consulting field, she has worked with over 500 companies and 2000 entrepreneurs in the country and the region at various programs for training, support and development.

Josip Bosnjakovic

Josip Bošnjaković has been engaged in education and training programs for the past 8 years. He is a certified NLP Master Trainer. In addition to the education in the area of NLP and ommunication he also completed trainings in the field of sales, employee selection and marketing. He completed all Persona Global training programs for trainers. Josip has a professional experience of 14 years in sales, management, employee selection and marketing. He was also a consultant in the field of development of several small and medium companies. He has worked on several projects and managed budgets. He is an author of work manual in youth education. Holds a bachelors degree in economics. In Atria Group SEE he works as a trainer and a coordinator of sales activities for the region of Vojvodina.

Darko Gajic

Darko Gajić is a certified NLP Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, certified Persona Global trainer, a Erickson College business coach and Wingwave coach, certified by Besser-iegmund Institute (Germany). He received her formal education in economy. For the past 10 years Darko has been General Director of PC Center, one of the leading IT companies on the Serbian market. Outside of parent company, Darko works as a trainer and a coach of Atria Group and his specialty are the trainings in the area of business skills, management, defining goals, communication. During his previous employment he was in charge of training and coaching sessions in some of the largest domestic companies (VIP Mobile, S-Leasing, Long Helios …).

Danijela-DimitricDanijela Matijević is a certified NLP Coach and has years of experience in the area of organisational development and human resources. She is as an HR Manager of Humanity, IT company based in San Francisco, and she is an external trainer for Atria Group. Certified in the field of employee testing and evaluation by SHL Talent Measurement. Danijela organized and delivered many trainings on the topic of communication, leadership and motivation of employees, as well as training on defining the team and individual goals. She worked as a Director and HR Manager of a Switzerland based IT company, where she introduced team and individual coaching sessions as a part of the development of teams and employees. She holds a degree in pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She believes that the change on a personal, micro level is a necessary initial step for changes on a higher, macro level.

Luica-RadivojevićLuica Radivojević is HR consultant, trainer of Persona Global programs, certified NLP Trainer, NLP business coach and certified PCM (Process Communication Model®) coach. Luica is a master economist (management). In his career Luica has worked in companies as a sales team leader, project and brand manager, trainer and coach. In his working method he implemented systematic development of employees’ potential and coaching approach. In the last ten years he has held trainings for improving sales communication, leadership and managerial skills. That experience helps him in implementing knowledge and skills transferred by company Atria Group where he currently works as a trainer and consultant. Luica is the author of numerous blogs and articles on the subject of coaching, employee development, effective communication and the importance of recognizing personality structure of interlocutors and coworkers in order to achieve win-win results.